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Slots for US players at the online casinos:

The slots are the most popular game at the online casinos that allow U.S. players to gamble. But there are differences in the slots you can play, of course, correlated to the online casinos you've chosen. Just like at the land-based casinos, the slot machines will be different at the online casinos, with one small distinction. The online slots are different not at the online casinos, but depending on the gambling software platform. That is to say that for example the RTG online casinos will have similar slots, but if you want drastically distinct slot machines, you'd be better off visiting an online casino powered by the Vegas Tech software. Both accept US players, by the way, but only by choosing different software developers you will get truly different slot machines.

 This is because the online casinos usually "rent" the gambling software from the developer - simply paying a fee to have the platform customized for their casino brand, but don't own the software itself. Therefore if you want to play different slots on the internet, you'll have to not only change your online casino, but change the casino by finding online casinos powered by a different software. This is one of the main reasons we list the software developer when we show the data for the online casinos for US players. You can easily see which online casino is utilizing which software right away on our home page.

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