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Online Slots for U.S. players:

The most popular casino game among the US players is without the slightest doubt - the slots. Everyone who frequents the casinos - both the online casinos and the land based gambling halls - loves playing the slots and has gambled at the slot machines at least once. Probably the biggest reason for the popularity of the slots among the US players is the fact that they are highly entertaining. In addition, no knowledge of rules or strategies is needed - simply place the bet and spin the reels. Another great feature of the slots is that you can win big with a small bet. While in blackjack for example, you usually double your money (or 3/2 if you have a blackjack), with the slots you can win hundreds and literally thousands of times your wager. How can you say no to the slots in this case?

 What makes the online slots different from those you will find at the land based casinos is the progressive jackpots and the large number of slots offering free spins, side bonuses, small games etc. There are a lot of progressive jackpot slots at the online casinos, usually at least five different jackpots, some reaching well above the million dollar mark. A lot of players from all over the world have actually became instant millionaires playing the online casinos and for the US players this is no different. If you want to  find slots at online casinos allowing US players, visit our home page where we have the list of the best US players online casinos.

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