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Online casinos vs. US land based casinos:

The one comparison of the online casinos will be with their land based counterparts in the USA. So, let's look at the Pros and Cons of the US players online casinos and the land based casinos. Of course, keep in mind that we assume that the comparison will be for those who enjoy gambling and view gambling as a form of entertainment and would likely not apply to all people in general.

 First and foremost, the online casinos will save you time and money. How come?, one may sk. It's rather simple. Both gambling establishments offer a way for the US players to gamble at the casino games, but with the online casinos, one doesn't have to neither spend the time travelling nor the money needed for expenses if they choose to go with the internet casinos, rather than with the land-based casinos. The web casinos are on the internet and all you need to visit your favorite gambling website is an internet connection. On the other side, the land-based casinos are usually at least 2 hours away for most people in the USA, and they are forced not only to spend a lot of time driving (riding) to the casinos, but pay all the costs associated with such travel. How could this be anything but negative for the offline casinos?

 And once you arrive at your local casino, do they give you free money as soon as you enter? We didn't think so. The online casinos, on the contrary, have one of the most powerful tools for competing against the offline gambling halls - the casino bonus. Free money are constantly available in the form of bonus promotions at every online casino. Whether they would be based on deposit or simply given to you by the management - they are there for grabs. One cannot deny the lure of the casino bonus and unfortunately for the local gamblers, the land-based casinos are certainly slow to catch on to this trend.

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