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History of US casinos:

It was not too long ago, actually less than a few years, when people residing in the United States would simply search for online casinos when they wanted to gamble online. But thanks to various hurdles the casinos are facing these days and since the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) back in late 2006, now gamblers from the USA are forced to look for online casinos allowing US players. The UIGEA made it illegal for the banks and other financial institutions to process payments with the offshore gambling websites, including the online casinos, which in turn made it very hard and/or very expensive for the casinos to process the payments of the US players - both the withdrawals and the deposits in the players accounts.

 Facing increasing costs from their payment processors or waking up to learn that the payment processor will no longer work with the casino, many online casinos took the easy way out and simply stopped allowing US players to visit their gambling sites. Of course, just days ago the same players were gambling there without a problem and now they were facing account closures. A lot of new online casinos emerged to fill the void left from the casinos leaving the USA internet gambling market, unfortunately some of them are far from being honest or carrying about their customers at all. That's why gambling guides like ours exists - to help US players who are already looking for online casino to find only the honest, safe and secure US players online casinos. Check them out at our home page.

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