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US online casino withdrawal:

Withdrawal of the winnings for US players from the online casinos is not as problematic as the deposits, but it is still a factor we consider when ranking the best US casinos. Once you have funded your casino account and have won money playing at the online casino, you will have to request a withdrawal of your winnings. Naturally, this is the happiest time for the player, although if you have chosen the wrong casino it could be the worst moment in your gambling time. The good online casinos listed on our home page are quality gambling websites which will pay your winnings. But if you have chosen a casino not present on our list, you are playing a gambling Russian roulette with your money.

 There are two ways to withdraw your winnings from the online casinos if you are US player. The first and most common method is via check. Once you have requested your withdrawal and all things have been taking care of (if this is your first time withdrawing money from the online casino, expect to verify your identity with some faxing), the online casino will cut you a check for the requested amount and mail it or use one of the faster couriers to send it over. Another way to withdraw, which is even faster, is to do so through an eWallet of your choice. It takes usually less than a day for a player to receive his or her money at the eWallet, while it could take up to a week if they go with a check.

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